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General terms and conditions - lease agreement

1. The Lessee of the stay in the cottage must be a person over the age of 18, who is responsible for the obligations of other participants of the stay according to these general conditions.

2. The contractual relationship is based on the sent order of the stay with details of the Lessee (name, address), number of persons, date and agreed price, delivered to the Lessor and confirmed by the Lessor. By signing and sending the order, as well as the lease agreement upon arrival, the client acknowledges the knowledge with these general conditions.

3. Admission to the property is always on the day of arrival between 14:00 and 16:00 (other time only upon agreement), the release of the object - departure on the day of termination up to 10 am. Upon arrival, the Lessor submits to the Lessee the rental unit and the inventory in a cleaned state. The Lessor reserves the right to accommodate the Lessee in a replacement rental unit of the appropriate quality and with the appropriate number of beds if operational reasons arise. After the object is inspected the Lessee will be handed over the keys from the object. The Lessor has the right while handing over the property to the Lessee to write down and copy identification data of the Lessee. Upon leaving, the Lessor will check with the Lessee the state of the object and device according to the inventory list and take the keys from the object.

4. The object (rental unit) is determined maximally for the number of persons given by the Lease Agreement and a description of the individual rental units published on the website.

5. The rental price is set according to the season by the current price list published on the website or by contract, and confirmed in the order.
Payment: within 5 working days of the booking confirmation of the stay by the Lessor 100% deposit of the total rental cost must be paid to the Lessor's account stated in the order confirmation.
If the deposit is not deposited within the above mentioned period and in the contractual amount of 100% of the price of the stay, the contractual relationship is terminated and is considered cancelled by the Lessee. Any deposit is subject to cancellation conditions. The Lessor
is in this case entitled to offer the date for another lease.
Upon arrival after taking over the property, the Lessee gives the remaining amount for renting the rental unit in cash to the property manager.

6. Cancellation conditions:
Cancellation of the stay from the Lessee´s side - Cancellation fee:
More than 30 days prior to arrival - 35% of the total price of the stay
30 days and less before arrival - 50% of the total price of the stay
When canceled by the Lessor - force majeure, property malfunction, ..... all paid charges by the Lessee to the Lessor will be refunded within five days

7. Obligations of the Lessee:
a) to comply with the general conditions of the Lessor, which are confirmed by signing the lease,
b) to familiarize yourself with the operation of the building
c) to avoid actions that would result in damage to the object or equipment
d) to observe the safety rules (not to interfere with wiring, safe handling of open fire, ....
e) the Lessee is fully liable to the Lessor for damage caused by his fault or the fault of all other participants of the stay (loss of the key - CZK 1000)
f) to avoid activities that would be annoying the surroundings, keeping the night rest between 22.00 and 6.00 am
g) the obligation to hand over the recreational object after the stay in a cleaned state as in case of taking over the object (rental unit) or cleaning can be arranged at the beginning of the stay
h) The Lessees are fully responsible for their own health, safety and personal including the financial means, the car, etc., for the entire duration of the stay, the Lessor is not responsible for any damage to the health or property of the Lessee during the entire period of the holiday stay.
i) the Lessee undertakes to observe the maximum number of occupied persons given by the capacity and the lease agreement
j) the Lessee is obliged to immediately notify the Lessor of a situation that would endanger the Lessee's safety, complication of the stay, damage to the building or equipment on the telephone number 605 264 029, or to the address of the Lessor.
k) It is forbidden to smoke in the unit.

8. Obligation of the Lessor :
a) to allow the Lessee to use the building for an agreed period. The Lessor is obliged to inform the Lessee of the object operation.
b) The Lessor is obliged to provide everything that includes the price of the stay. If a situation arises from the sides of the offered object which results in a deterioration of the Lessee's conditions, the Lessor is under an obligation to immediately take all measures to remedy the situation. Eventually, he provides a reasonable rebate discount in proportion to the condition.

9. Non-compliance with the General terms and conditions from the side of the Lessee, especially the point 7. letter j) may be the reason for termination without refund

10. Dogs or any other animals are not allowed.

11.Other terms and conditions can be arranged directly on site between the Lessee or the Lessor

We are glad that you have chosen our property and we hope you will spend a beautiful holiday, which will convince you of repeated stays in our cottage Bovida.
We believe that by following these clear guidelines by both partie of the Lessee / the Lessor the basis of your quiet holiday is given.

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How did you like our place?

Beautiful holiday. The owners are great. The cottage SUPER. We will definitely return for skiing and summer tourism. Thank you very much for everything.K.P. Přelouč.

Katka Pardubská with friends

Really perfect location, an amazing view from the bed to the ski slope, the great background (even in the underground: o)) and a very friendly approach of the owners. Thank you for a nice experience! AH

Aleš Hrbek with family

Perfect equipment both in the apartments and in the common areas. The interior of the cottage gives a very pleasant impression, excellent choice in materials, colors as well as high quality performance. As large +, we consider the location of the cottage close to the ski slopes, which was especially appreciated by parents with small skiers.

Jan K. with family